Designing a New Kind of Data Center

At Project Rhizome, we design the interface between data infrastructure and local communities.

With our daily routines becoming increasingly dependent on data, the distinction between mission-critical and routine computing is becoming hazy. Even more so than today, once augmented reality, autonomous vehicles and IoT become integrated into our daily lives, physical proximity of end users to places where data is stored and the speed of its retrieval will become matters of, quite literally, life and death.

These trends lead to the rise of edge networking – the practice of locating data handling facilities close to or inside population centers – a rapidly developing new link in the physical infrastructure of the internet.

When technology comes within close proximity to people, it finds itself in need of a human interface. Designing that interface for edge data facilities is exactly what Project Rhizome was created to do.

Building on our team’s unique combination of design sensibility and technical expertise, we help build data infrastructure which is more resilient and integrated. Through applying human-conscious design to data infrastructure, we help:

  • Open up land not available to data centers otherwise
  • Improve the physical security of the facilities by imbedding them into the built environment
  • Utilize exhaust heat generated by the facilities for the benefit of the surrounding communities
  • Brand facility operators by gaining social/environmental responsibility credits
  • Streamline the approval process by municipal governments and surrounding communities
  • Design beautiful and versatile pieces of infrastructure

We believe that if designed in a smart way data facilities will stop being unwelcome aliens, and instead become everything local communities ever wished for, thus opening new possibilities for developers.

All-season community swimming pool Bouldering facilities Community playgrounds

Given their unique spatial qualities, an abundance of design options – from very ambitious to much tamer ones – are available to data facilities, and depend entirely on their operational needs, location, and the surrounding environment.

So, before you embark on your next edge networking project, get in touch with us to see how Project Rhizome can contribute.