Project Rhizome was founded with the goal of combining cutting edge data infrastructure development with the creation of attractive urban environments through providing spatial consulting and architectural design services to the data center industry.

The name of the company is derived from the biological term “rhizome”: a subterranean root structure of a number of species of plants and, most commonly, fungi, renowned for its structural complexity and environmental resilience.

The infrastructure of the internet is a global rhizome tying together people and businesses. We want to make sure it is designed not only with the functionality but also dignity it deserves.

Ivan Sergejev

Ivan started working on the idea for Project Rhizome during his Fulbright fellowship at the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design. He gained his professional experience at both European and American architecture companies, most notably the world’s leading office for architecture and cultural analyses Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA*AMO) in New York City. During his career he has been awarded various awards and scholarships, engaged in teaching, spoken at a number of international venues and authored multiple publications related to architecture and design.

Indrek Rünkla

The “Old Salt” rynkla@project-rhizome.com
Indrek acquired extensive architectural experience through his long-term position with Alver Architects – one of Estonia’s most renowned architectural practices. During his career he has designed and overseen execution of every possible architectural program and scale imaginable from housing units, to major office complexes, to industrial facilities. Before earning his architecture degree from the Estonian Academy of Arts (EAA), he studied computer science at the Tallinn Institute of Technology. He is currently engaged in PhD studies and teaching at the EAA.

Taaniel Jakobs

The Technologist jakobs@project-rhizome.com
Taaniel has been advising Project Rhizome since day one. He is the co-founder and CTO of Zerply Inc. - a marketplace for top tier talent in film, games, and VR, as well as an alumnus of the Silicon Valley based 500 Startups Accelerator.